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Spark creativity and nurture joy with original, luxury art installations

A brushstroke that inspires a deep breath. A splash of color that soothes stress. A meditative pattern that ignites the imagination …
Bring your story to life with mindful art installations.

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Therapeutic Art Visionary Boards 

As a practicing physician, Umbreen has mastered a signature creative style that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but that also lovingly nourishes and fosters calm, creativity, peace, productivity, healing and tranquillity too.


Umbreen’s art installations:

• Decrease stress and anxiety.
• Boost employee morale.
• Provide brands with a distinct, visual identity.
• Elevate your social distinction.
•Offer a subtle emotional pathway to inner zen and peace.

It’s pure emotion, in art form.


The Experience 

Your luxury art installation is a completely personalized experience, tailor-made to your unique budget and needs.

Harnessing her background in interior design, Umbreen will guide you in choosing a color palette and design which enhances the beauty of your space, while being functional and practical

Rent Paradise

Need to rotate your art on a regular basis?

Umbreen’s art leasing service allows you to rent original, luxury art for a 12-month period. Your art will be rotated every four months, allowing you to consistently refresh and invigorate your space.

Fallen in love with one of Umbreen’s creations? Don’t worry; there’s an option to buy your original, luxury art at the end of your lease term.


Investment Terms

Purchasing an art installation:

A 50% non-refundable deposit will be due upon finalizing artwork. The final 50% is due prior to delivery.

Leasing an art installation:

You’ll have a contractual obligation for 12 months, with 25% due up-front and then quarterly payments of 15%. At the end of the lease, the difference between the original price and the paid lease payments will be your buy-out price should you wish to purchase the artwork.  

If you are changing your artwork quarterly, the price will be adjust according to the price difference of down and quarterly lease payments.


Ready to transform your space? 

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