Geode-inspired Art


Recently I finished a beautiful geode inspired artwork with multiple layers of resin and precious stones. Resin produces a beautiful sheen and is archival in nature. It makes the colors vibrant and the multiple layers provide a sense of depth in the piece.


So what is a Geode??

Among volcanic rocks, sometimes air bubbles are trapped. Mineral rich water can seep inside these bubbles and as the water moves in and out over millions of years, sediment is left behind. This can either form a group of micro crystals or a single large crystal. This rock is called a geode.

Geodes are generally found in the Americas and Namibia. Ohio has a large geode cave which is open to tourists. Did you know that geode is designated as the official rock for Iowa since 1967 and they also have a park called ‘Geode National Park’?

For this painting I used a 20 by 16 inch birchwood panel with 1.5 inch sides. The resin was tinted with white, turquoise and gold. The painting has multiple resin layers. In between each layer the surface is sanded to increase the ‘tooth’ so that the next layer will adhere to it. What I found interesting is that resin is one of the strongest glues available to us. Once cured in 72 hours, it will permanently bind the material. This also means that if it spills on your counters etc, it might be difficult to remove it later on. I alway cover the area with plastic and wax paper- two substances that it does not adhere to. One can clean up minor spills or skin contact immediately with alcohol.

Although I have used gems, I didn’t want to make this piece with definite hard lines. I wanted to keep it flowing and abstract. You can have a look at macro pictures on my Instagram account @umbreenhasanfineart

Until next time.....

Umbreen Hasan

Hester Aba