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"Rainbow Sky": alcohol inks on claybord
AZ Gallery group exhibition -2017
Rheum after 5 is published in the monthly official journal by the American College of Rheumatology to showcase rheumatologists with a creative side. I was interviewed by them and the article was published globally on May 12th 2022.

Van Der Plas Gallery exhibition in Manhattan, New York
Dow Gallery, St Paul resident artist -2017-2018
Video recording for a segment
A beautiful surprise - Maple Grove magazine. January 2018
"Foot in the door" - Minneapolis Institute of Art. Virtual exhibition November 2020-January 2021.
Held once every 10 years to celebrate the talent, diversity and enthusiasm of Minnesota's visual artists
"Winds of change" - Minneapolis International airport. March 2022 to November 2022
The therapeutic value of art is absolute for Dr. Umbreen Hasan, a mixed media artist and practicing physician based in Minneapolis...
Winds of change is a body of work created during the Covid 19 pandemic era. In the face if isolation and unpredictability, these paintings were created to evoke positivity and hope.
The color choice for the collection was selected to utilize hues that reflect spirituality and mental wellbeing in order to have a calming effect on the mind.
"With my background in healthcare, I can understand the importance of art and color and its impact on our emotions."
Maple grove art exhibition 2019
Some more pictures of "Breath of nature" at MSP International airport
Initial section by the jury in the first round.
Group exhibition at Maple Grove gallery in 2017. This was my very first exhibition in an art gallery.
Another look at "Winds of Change" at MSP International airport. This exhibition also included cold wax which was a new medium for me. I also exhibited for a year in the Executive Conference center of MSP International as a solo artist.
Human Development Foundation fundraiser where I donated this painting for a silent auction.
Brookview Country club exhibition in 2021. This is an alcohol ink an resin painting which was sold 
Ames Center exhibition in Minneapolis
AZ gallery group exhibition in 2023 in St Paul. This is carved cold beeswax 
Group exhibition at Brookview club where my painting was used in the invitation
Solo exhibition at a gallery in St Paul, Minnesota 
Fundraiser Association of North American AKU Alumni. This is an association [USA] of my medical school back in Pakistan
Fundraiser for Arthritis Foundation. This is encaustics with pigments
Group exhibition in 2023
A light box made by art mill and showcased on their website
Podcast on mental healing and art therapy 
Plymouth art gallery solo exhibition summer 2022 and Spring celebration exhibition May 20
" Fire and Ice" was exhibited at Rochester International airport 2021-2022
Creative sculptured art with flooring at American Society of Interior Decorators. This was a competition to use the flooring creatively 
Heading 5

Press & Exhibitions

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