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Meet the artist

"It is in this studio that she has found a renewed purpose through the power of artistic expression and imagination."

In the peaceful solace of her studio sanctuary, Umbreen is surrounded by raw materials, sustainable woods, precious gems, and an array of natural treasures, their rare and unconventional beauty soon to be reinvented as luxurious works of art.

It is here that she finds serenity. The gentle brushstrokes and creative freedom offer tranquility, a respite from the demands of daily life. It is in this studio that she has found a renewed purpose through the power of artistic expression and imagination.

After first turning to painting as a means of healing amidst a time of uncertainty, Umbreen was unaware that her passion for art held the transformative power to change her life. As a practicing physician, she had always been driven by curiosity, precision, and pragmatic sensibility. Yet this love of science, along with her inquisitive psyche, was exactly what allowed her to tap into her undiscovered artistic talent, bringing it to the surface and beginning a brand-new journey of empowerment.

Even from a young age, Umbreen found herself fascinated by the dynamic dichotomy of natural landscapes, as experienced from the first morning mist of dawn, or beneath the subtle milky light cast by a rising crescent moon. She was enamored with the processes that created the deeply gradient shades of mountain rock, the perfect positioning of the sun that allowed the ocean to sparkle, and the rhythmic motion of cascading waves that never revealed the secret of what lies beyond.


Umbreen continues to find endless inspiration in her love of the natural world, influenced by the breath of the wind, the gentle whisper of the stillness, the otherworldly grandeur of desolate terrain that evolves under the golden glow of the setting sun. After spending time living in New Zealand and traveling the United States, Umbreen has found inspiration everywhere, from the stunning seascapes of Gisborne, to the majestic peaks of the Rockies and Mount Rainier. Her memories of these diverse landscapes serve as a time capsule, stored away under lock and key, yet so vibrant and vivid that they influence every stroke of the paintbrush, every imaginative abstract concept.

Umbreen uses her innate artistic creativity to tell visual tales that are older than time, yet made contemporary through her innovative mixed media techniques. Throughout her artistic journey, Umbreen has established a captivating signature style that is all her own. Her artworks capture a unique blend of hyperrealism and abstract ingenuity, creating a colorful and ethereal reality that is beyond our wildest dreams.

Depth and love, hope and light, peace and purpose. Umbreen’s artwork is all of these things, but each painting holds a special place in the heart of its viewer, forming a deeply personal connection from first glance. Her artworks engage the mind, the spirit, and the senses, giving the viewer a unique gift within each thought-provoking creation, whether a memory, a flash of inspiration, or a cherished moment in time that stirs the soul with emotion. We recognize ourselves in the bursts of glorious color, the exquisite jewel tones, and the wild yet restrained fluidity, movement, and motion.

Each work of art is an expressive dance of creative manipulation, as Umbreen boldly experiments with techniques, innovative mediums, and raw materials to bring each creation to life with intrigue and dimension. She breathes artistry into the seemingly infinite depth of snow-capped mountain summits, and effortlessly creates compelling seascapes that portray a force of fury balanced by calm serenity. Whether using a splash of shimmering gold dust or a carefully placed gemstone, or adding texture through resins and encaustics, Umbreen captivates viewers with handcrafted immersive details that are on the cutting edge of exquisite luxury.


As she blazes her way forward on this exciting creative journey, Umbreen will continue to celebrate the limitless glory and undiscovered potential that is found within nature, as she turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Directly from her heart to yours.

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